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About Rick McCann

Canadian Photographer

Born and raised in Saskatchewan’s capital city of Regina, Rick McCann’s interests and love for the art of photography spans over thirty years. Past and present careers have provided him the fortune to travel extensively throughout this province, uncovering its hidden beauty in his photos.

Photographing all species of wildlife in their natural habitat, Rick has captured everything from a spider spinning its web in the morning sun the majestic elk swimming in a serene northern lake. Even the golden eagle soaring so gracefully, high in the blue prairie skies did not escape the lens. Landscapes of lakes and rolling hills and the old buildings that dot the flat prairie farmlands soon to be a part of history are just a few of the subjects captured on his glossy canvas.

Rick has entered and won many competitions with his work over the years. His photo art can be seen in the Saskatchewan Wildlife Association calendars over the past few years and is available in several retail outlets in Saskatchewan. At present, Rick is in the process of creating a website for his art to be more accessible to everyone.

Rick now resides in Martensville, Saskatchewan and continues to add to his portfolio from all nature has to offer him in any given “photo opportunity”.


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