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Product inventory status

Our online ordering system provides you a quick and easy way to check the availability of our products. Just follow these steps:

1. Log in to the system.
2. Click "Inventory."
3. Select a method from the drop-down menu to search for the desired product.
4. Enter the first three letters of the style you need, and a list of matching products will pop up.


Order Status

1. After logging in to your personal account, click "Query".
2. Click "Existing Sales Order" to see if your order has been processed.
3. Click "Delivered Order" to see if your order has been shipped.


Order tracking

Please provide your email address to get the delivery status of the products you ordered. If your order has been shipped, a tracking # of the shipment will be automatically sent to your e-mail. Use this inquiry, you can log in to to check the statusof your order shipping


Uncleared order

Please follow the steps below to check your "unsettled order":

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click "Query."
3. Click "Uncleared Order".

If your uncleared order has arrived, our customer service specialist will contact you to obtain your consent before sending the uncleared order. Without your permission, we will not ship any of your uncleared order goods to you.


Add existing order

If you need to modify the order you have placed, please make changes in time within the business day of the day you place the order.


-Use fax to add orders

If you want to add a new item to your order form, please resend the order to us after filling in the added item.

Note: Please distinguish the new order from the original order, so as to avoid duplicate items, which will cause you unnecessary expenses.


-Use fax to place new orders for new items

You can add new order items to your order by fax. To avoid causing duplicate order items or incurring unnecessary costs for you, please clearly state in the new order that you only need to add new order items to the already placed order.

Note: We do not guarantee that the adjustments you make will be reflected in the order content or will be delivered with the product you previously ordered because the product you previously ordered may have been shipped.


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