Product return policy

In order to comply with the credit, all returns must meet the following conditions:

1. The goods are ordered directly from the PF Enterprises of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the invoice issued by the PF Enterprises is used to prove it.

2. Goods must be returned within three months from the invoice date, and a refund of up to 50% of the invoice amount will be charged for returns after 3 months. We will not accept returns after 6 months from the invoice date.

3. The original packaging of the product is not unpacked. The original package of the product is unopened or any handwritten mark (such as style, number) is attached to the package. All labels and stickers on the packaging or goods should be removed before returning goods, otherwise a 10% service charge will be charged.

4. Goods must be clean, unused and resold.

5. The product does not belong to the "Clearance"section of PF Enterprises.

6. Pf Enterprises has the right to refuse to accept the return request, reserves the right to refuse, and has the final interpretation of the return.

Product return process

1. Call 1-306-842-6856 to request a return permit. We will then mail you a return number (Return Permit). Purolator AR tags will only be issued for returns that are due to shipping errors or manufacturing defects by PF Enterprises.

2. Please complete the product return form and attach it to the returned product. We will charge a 10% service charge for returned products without a completed product return form.

3. Please put a return label on the returned product packaging. We do not accept returned products that are not affixed with a return label issued by PF Enterprises, and will return the returned product to the original person intact.

4. Please note: We do not issue shipping labels. All returns must be prepaid. We do not accept returns that are shipped by freight on delivery, whether approved or not.

5. All returned products due to shipping errors or manufacturing defects of PF Enterprises must be shipped via Purolator Ground Freight unless agreed on the PF Enterprises. Credits can only be awarded for products returned by other means, using only the applicable Purolator ground freight rates.

Credit Issuance Policy

1. Buyers who return products due to manufacturing defects or shipping errors from Canada will enjoy full credit. Our compensation amount will not exceed the full credit and shipping costs. The designated carrier for the replacement product is Purolator Ground Freight, and the return freight should be prepaid before PF Enterprises receives the returned product.

2. If the return is not caused by the above reasons, a 15% processing fee and return fee will be charged. In addition, freight should be borne by the customer.

3. We will not issue credits for returned products that have been altered, intentionally damaged or improperly used. PF Enterprises has the right to make the final decision.

4. After the returned products have been inspected and evaluated by the PF Enterprises, the issue of credit limit can be performed. After the credit line issue is approved by our company, you will receive a written letter of credit delivered to you by email.

5. Credit cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used for new orders.

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